These days as we consider our living and working spaces from different perspectives, it has become quite apparent the value of art in the spaces we exist. Indoors and outdoors, art is an investment in you and the world in which you live, and world around us.

BUT, I can't afford an art consultant! Well, I am here to change that. This isn't large scale corporate art consulting for hospitals, hotels, and multi million dollar office complexes. This is ART CONSULTING FOR EVERYONE.

Are you perplexed on how to display the art that you have?
Do you have stacks of unframed prints, photos, and works on paper?
Just begining your art collection, and want to support up and coming artists?
Are you a local TV or Movie production looking to rent artwork for a location shoot?
Or perhaps you are a small local business that wants to be known by the great artwork, wonderful mural, or a specialty "on brand" collection of work that ties it all together.

Is it important to you to connect with local artists? To represent artists of different cultures, backgrounds, abilities, that are in line with the mission of your home or business? I can make that happen. First hour consultation is free and can be done via zoom or I can come to your place of business, home, office, whatever the space you need art to come alive.

Don't know where to start? Don't worry, I do. Text me 910-777-7046 or EMAIL.