• Commission a one of a kind artwork.

    Commission a one of a kind artwork.

    "Love Is The Answer" 2023, 36" x 54"

    Commission work for private residence in Kansas City.
    Whatever your desire is, I am eager to find a concept that will manifest your ideas, interests, and beliefs, through art.
    For the home, workplace, restaurant, hotel, or any environment that needs custom artwork. Let's work together to create a one of a kind expression of who you are.
    Commission work (as all original artwork) is an investment. I certify each original artwork and provide valuation for insurance purposes and for resale or auction. I do require first refusal on any work that is being sold unless otherwise specified.

  • How to start the commission process.

    Please read the following information to help you decide whether a commission work is right for you. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have via CONTACT

    Are you currently accepting commissions? Yes, I have space available for commission work through 2024. I work on commissions in between shows, so flexibility is the first step.
    Where do I start? Contact me. Either via phone or email - please leave a message if calling for the first time, it is my business phone. CONTACT I will email you a questionnaire or we can schedule a phone conversation where I will ask you the questions directly. I always want to see the space where the work will go and ask questions about the environment it will live in.
    What is the turn around time for commissions? This is piece dependent. Depending on the scale and elements of each piece of work, along with feedback from the client, commissions can take up to two to three months, depending on our regular work schedule.
    Is there a minimum budget and size for commission work? Yes, the minimum size is 30" x 30" and the minimum budget is $2500. If this is beyond your budget we can discuss making a piece that might be suitable for reproductions.
    How personal can the work be, can I offer my own ideas and desires, can I give feedback over the course of making the piece? Of course, a commission work is me translating your idea. Obviously, the work will be my artistic interpretation of your idea. You will have several opportunities to offer feedback or ask for slight changes along the way. Once we reach a certain point, changes are not possible to make.
    Can I use my own images in a collage based piece? I am happy to consider any high resolution scans of photos and images that you have but it may effect the time and cost of the project.
    Can I commission a work similar to a piece you have already sold? Yes, this is a very common request. If it is the same conceptually, that alleviates some of the budgetary weight. That is, a piece with the same theme and images as a past work will be more cost efficient.
    Do you require any upfront payment? Will sketches or rough ups be provided prior to finished work? Yes, once we decide to start the process I will send you a contract that completely outlines your unique work, at that time a 50% down payment will need to be paid with the contract. Next, I will send you a complete mock up, at this point which point we can make adjustments and changes - if you are not comfortable with the direction of the piece I can refund you 40% of the down payment. Once the changes are made and we move forward then, when we get to the final sign off, I will submit to you the final bill (any additional time or changes will be added to to the original estimate - much like when you contract a project for your home). We will discuss the shipping options and the piece will be delivered within two weeks of the final payment.